Grundfos & EMSCO Helps Make the City of Belleville Beautiful

One of the major responsibilities the City of Belleville’s Parks and Recreation Department is faced with, is watering many of the city’s parklands and gardens. The Parks and Rec Department had an existing manual start and stop pump located at the Moira River, but wanted to replace it with an auto-mated pumping system. The new pumping system would be required to water close to a kilometer of regulation size and mini practice soccer fields, grass and the Canadian flag floral display on Highway 401 hill in West Riv- erside Park. Most importantly, the pumping system would have to maintain constant water pressure, save energy and cut water usage.

The City of Belleville Parks and Rec Department designed the pumping system that EMSCO would supply. EMSCO recommended Grundfos for its ease of programming, installation and high pump effi- ciency. The Grundfos pumping system consists of an SP pump and CUE drive and was chosen for the following reasons:

• The SP pump is a highly efficient submersible pump. It is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and is easy to maintain, resulting in low energy and operating costs and high reliability.

• The CUE drive allows the variable speed of the SP pump to be controlled according to demand, which significantly saves energy and money. Its built-in PID (proportional integral derivative) controller allows for constant pressure to the system.

• The CUE has a stop function for when flow is very low. The pump’s on/off operation saves energy when there is no demand.

• If the water level goes below the pump intake, the CUE has dry-running protection that turns off the pump to protect it from damage.

• The CUE allows the Parks and Rec Department to automate the valve system to allow the water to flow where it is needed, without having to shut the pump off first.

• The CUE is suitable for most new and existing pump types, all application areas and all power ranges outside the E-pump (electronically controlled pump) range.

• The CUE has a serial communications capability, so the building’s automation system can know exactly what is going on with the pump.

With the new SP and CUE drive pumping system in place since spring 2010, the Parks & Rec Department now has constant pressure and has cut down on water usage from the river. The new pumping system also allows the Parks and Rec Department to adjust the amount of spray capacity. So far there have been no maintenance problems and it is running flawlessly. There are future plans to add two more pumping systems that will be located at different dams on the river, as well as a pumping system to water an artificial turf field.

Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of pumps and pumping systems. Grundfos’ Canadian headquarters is located in Oakville, Ont. 1-800-644-9599, www.grundfos.ca

October/November 2011 Canadian Consulting Engineer